Steven Ruffkin

When I approached SYBE for credentialing I spoke with Linny. She answered all my questions and sent me the forms to fill out. I called and emailed her many times before I was able to fill in the forms with the information needed. Linny was patient and always made me feel like I could do it. After, I was sent an invoice and I paid upfront for the service. It was explained that I was paying for the man hours to get the credentialing done. Once the paperwork is in there is nothing to do but wait. I opened my practice and was taking cash patients but really needed to start billing insurance. I was told not to take insurance until I had a signed contract with a start date otherwise I would not get paid. There were a few emails and calls from them with updates but not much to say except the applications were in progress. I was denied Aetna insurance due to them being closed to my specialty. It will open up in January 2018 and SYBE will resend the application at that time. Credentialing is not sexy. It is a tedious process. I am glad I let SYBE do the work. They did a great job for me and my practice.

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